5 Tips to get started on creating videos and how to create better quality videos

Here is a quick list of tips for beginners to get started creating videos and help you avoid some pit falls that may stop you from creating work. It will also show how easy it can be to start making videos, and show that you don’t need a lot to create videos.

1. Audio – Make sure you have good audio in your videos. It gets looked over too often, with people just starting out not thinking about it. But if you have terrible audio a viewer will be faster to stop watching the video than if it was bad visual quality.

2. Story telling – Have a clear story or message in your video. You don’t want to confuse the viewer by getting off point and going on random tangents. You want to have short and concise video, get from point A to point B in the most efficient way possible, while keeping the attention span of the viewer.

3. B-roll – Is secondary footage you get, that shows off the product and can save your audio if your main footage gets messed up. When you are editing you can also use it to avoid jump cuts. It can also show more detail of what you are talking about.

4. Framing – Set up your shot so that it is pleasing to the eye. You generally want to have the subject center of frame but not with to much room to the left or right of them, with a few inches of room above their head and make sure you don’t cut off the subjects head.

5. Just start shooting – With how advanced technology has gotten you can start creating videos with your smart phone. Most smart phones can record video at 1080p if not higher, and with proper lighting and in a controlled environment you can get great sound quality too. You can even do some light editing right on the phone and upload the video online.


Team work for the win, as far as handling online goes. Otherwise, it’s just bags of fun and endless joy by yourself

It has been an interesting experience the last couple of semesters as the Online/Digital Editor. Which hasn’t always been fun, but in the end it has been a learning experience when I look back at it all really. I say this because at the end of the day, that what it means to be a part of a community college newspaper.

During my time on staff as the Online/Digital Editor it hasn’t always been easy or fun. When I first started as Online/Digital Editor, I found myself as the only person handling the online (it was nothing new for anyone who has been Online/Digital Editor for the TSV before) and boy that was fun and when I say fun, I mean it was fun because I was the only doing everything on the online side of things for The Skyline View (TSV).

When Spring 2013 rolled something something that rarely happened on staff happened, I actually had help with the online for once. This help was in the form of Shaquill Stewart, who was our Social Media Editor, and Nico Triunfante, our Multimedia Editor. It was odd at first but there help actually made the workload easier.

Since then, we have improved massively in terms of our online but it still needs work. I say this because that semester was the same semester, that we started doing the News Briefs weekly for Spring and Fall. A weekly multimedia project that has benefited everyone involved from weekly host Nico Triunfante, Miguel Garcia, Katelyn Payne, and everyone else who has been part of it over the semesters. Even I’ve learnt from the experience, from writing the script each week to working with the equipment behind the camera.

As seen this semester, this has grown with the addition of Angelica Fregoso, who is a multimedia reporter, and whom has been producing multimedia content for the section throughout the semester. Of course, this even applies to the News Briefs (NB) which has changed since it started.

On the social media side of things, it’s kind of obvious now but I’m surprised that it took this long for us to develop it. Namely we’ve developed two systems for handling the social media aspect of The Skyline View (TSV). The first system we tried towards the end of last semester was granting the section editors access to the TSV social media accounts.

That system didn’t worked out as well for various reason, so this semester we tired another system. One that broke the TSV Staff into social media teams, that would update them regularly throughout the week and the semester. This system has worked much better that the previous semester, with plenty of room to improve on in the future.

In short, it’s not fun when you’re the only one managing more then one position but when you have a team helping with it, the job becomes much easier and fun to do, as it allows you to focus on other areas (not to mention homework and college work) that need the attention of the Online/Digital Editor.

Will Nacouzi
TSV Digital Editor

Exactly what I wanted to do

Being the Multimedia Editor is exactly what I intended to be as soon as I heard about newspaper staff last semester. Video projects, while integrating specifically dance and hip-hop lifestyles, have always been my ideal subjects to work with. It’s almost surreal knowing that I’m finally getting into what I really want to do in life after college.Having the power to control what is being produced for the newspaper is a great stepping stone to where I want to be later on. I’d like to use my videos to promote student life, hip-hop life. the voice of the unspoken, and overall involve everyone who feels like they are disconnected with society. I felt like I couldn’t do much of that with simply writing.The thing is when you start doing what you love to do outside of school, inside the classroom, you obtain a sense of euphoria knowing that you are doing things out of purely wanting to.

Writing on staff for my first semester taught me so much about how impactful words can be to the general public. So taking that same idea and converting it into a video that can essentially become viral in a matter of seconds is a crazy thought. I can only imagine how many people are watching your work, the same work in which you are trying to introduce one half of the world to the other half.

With such little time in a semester, I hope to bring more attention toward the multimedia aspect of The Skyline View. I don’t imagine acquiring thousands of followers for our cause, but seeing as how our multimedia has not been a major factor for the View, but with a couple videos attracting even a hundred people, this is surely a great start. With that said, I hope I leave behind me the fact that we need to continue doing videos to keep up with society. I’m sure a lot of people prefer to watch videos and have visuals to keep them updated with what’s going on around them.

By Nico Triunfante

TSV Multimedia Editor

Josh discovers that video editing takes time

I recently undertook the most infuriating endeavor I have ever been through in my whole college career. I tried to make a professional looking video for the school paper in one night. I thought the whole process would be a piece of cake. All I would have to do is play and record a game, talk over it, then edit it all together, easy right? No this is something I will never do again.

Playing and beating the video game, the part that I thought would be the easiest turned out to be the most time consuming and boring. Even with all the headaches I gained from editing I still had fun learning the ins and outs of Windows Movie Maker.

It sucked; I was awake all night editing video and audio, just to have the whole project fall apart at the last hour. Looking back at it, my problems started when I decided to update my windows movie maker. I had worked through the whole night with the updated program. Making sure my audio was synced with the video everything was perfect.

All I had to do was upload the video at 7 a.m. then I would be done. The whole day was spent recording audio; then it took all night to trim the hourlong videos. It would pay off in just a little bit. But it did not work since the video file was too large. I couldn’t upload anything. I had to either make the video smaller or degrade the quality of the video. I would not do this no! I tried to find a way around it but nothing was working. Eventually I did something I have no idea what exactly. But all my audio disappeared and it was missing from the video and the folder. That was it, I gave up, it was 8 a.m. and I was too tired to think.

If I had given myself more time I probably would have been able to correct the problem. So I guess the life lesson here is don’t do things last minute, because you’re pretty much screwing yourself over in the end.

Joshua Collier
Opinions Editor